October 31, 2013
Graphene 3D Lab Launched with Technology Aimed at 3D Printing

 Graphene 3D Lab, a company focused on the development and manufacturing of next-generation graphene-enhanced materials for 3D printing, has been officially launched. Graphene 3D Lab, Inc., founded as a spinout of Graphene Laboratories, Inc., utilizes proprietary technologies aimed at enhancing the properties of materials currently used in 3D printers.

Graphene 3D Lab team is well positioned to commercialize its proprietary technologies, having a wealth of prior experience at Graphene Labs. Graphene Laboratories, a widely recognized brand in the world of advanced materials, owns and operates the Graphene-Supermarket ( - the leading source for advanced 2D materials. With thousands of customers across the world, from nearly every major university and a number of fortune 500 companies, their already-established network is sure to play a key role in the success of the company.

Speaking about the founding of Graphene 3D Lab Inc., CEO Dr. Daniel Stolyarov commented, "with this exciting new venture, we are well-positioned for continued success in accomplishing our historic goal of commercializing graphene-based materials, with a new focus on 3D printing, a novel method of manufacturing end-user goods. By combining 3D printing with graphene nanocomposites, we can expand the potential applications of 3D printing."

If you have any questions or comments, the team at Graphene 3D Lab can be reached at (516)-382-8649 or via email at The official company website is

For more information, please read our official press release

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