Graphene 3D Lab offers a full spectrum of advanced materials. We manufacture graphene-enhanced functional thermoplastic materials for 3D printing and advanced thermoset adhesives. Furthermore, we also offer graphene nanoplatelets in powder form and premixed with polymer as high load masterbatches. Custom formulations of graphene materials in both thermoset and thermoplastic matrices can be produced to match customer needs.

3D printing materials

Graphene 3D Lab's primary focus is on the development and commercialization of 3D printing filaments with functional properties. Our product line includes a wide variety of filaments such as Conductive Graphene Filament, a highly conductive material designed for 3D printing circuitry and sensor applications; Graphene HIPS, a hi-tech engineered FDM material enhanced with graphene for high precision 3D printing to name a few. Our 3D Printing materials are sold under Black Magic 3D trademark and can be purchased directly at and through distribution network.

R&D Products

Graphene Supermarket, an e-commerce platform owned by Graphene 3D Lab offers the world's largest selection of graphene and other 2D based R&D materials. Product selection includes graphene oxide, reduced graphene oxide in powder or solution form; CVD grown graphene transferred onto substrates such as silicon dioxide, glass and quartz; graphene on TEM grids, graphene aerogels and foams; and graphene film on silicon carbide. All materials can be customized and bulk quantities can be manufactured on demand.

Adhesives (Epoxies)

Graphene 3D Lab offers G6-EpoxyTM product line of high-performance epoxies for bonding, sealing and coating purposes. For non-metallic electrically conductive adhesives, we offer a proprietary mix of high-performance carbon filler to the epoxy resulting in excellent electrical properties. Additionally, we offer proprietary silver/graphene formulations that have a significantly lower silver content, while still providing similar levels of conductivity

G6-EpoxyTM epoxies can be purchased directly at and through distribution network.

Fine Organic Chemicals

ChemApproachTM is a worldwide supplier of a wide variety of building blocks toR&D facilities in pharmaceutical/agricultural industries, biotechnology, academic institutions, and Hi-Tech companies. This division of Graphene 3D Lab offers a plethora of the substituted aromatic and heterocyclic compounds. Most of these molecules can be further synthesized as medicinally relevant drug candidates. The production scale varies from grams to multi-kilogram quantities. The division's main expertise falls within the introduction of disparate substituents to aromatic rings, a comprehensive array of functional group transformations, and a selective incorporation of halogens in organic molecules, particularly, iodine. These classes of organic molecules have an extensive range of application in drug-design, biochemistry, polymer chemistry, electronics, and energy. Please visit for more details.

Polymer Composites

Graphene 3D lab utilizes its advanced resources and years of experience to formulate masterbatches of graphene nanoplatelets in thermoplastics. We offer custom compounding of graphene composites with a broad variety of polymer matrix. Our resources include R&D, pilot, and industrial scale compounding capabilities. Contact our dedicated R&D team to discuss your project.